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  1. Add attacks using the form at the bottom of the page. These will appear in Available Attacks. Tap the X next to the name to remove it as an option.
  2. Set the Armor Class of the creature you're going to attack. This is used to determine how many attacks land.
  3. Tap some attacks from Available Attacks. Tap again to add more of the same attack. (ie 5 Skeletons)
  4. Tap choices from Chosen Attacks. To reduce the count or remove them from the selection.
  5. Tap Attack to roll to hit and for damage!
  6. Tap Clear to remove all selections from Chosen Attacks.

The attacks you create are saved in a cookie (which is 0% full), and will persist between page refreshes but not between browsers. There is no server side state, no one but you knows what you're doing!